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About Us

erica west 217x300Erica West has a Diploma in Leadership and Management, and has worked in the fields of Human Resources (Personnel/Recruiting Officer), Materials Management (Purchasing Officer), Office Administration (mining, civil construction, quarrying, accounting), and various healing modalities. Erica is a Justice of the Peace (Qualified), and a member of the National Federation of Healers (Australia).

Erica is creator of a powerful energy healing modality called Subconscious Ascension, a qualified Bowen Therapist (Advanced), Emmett Therapist (Muscle Release), Reiki Master, and Theta Healing Practitioner. Other modalities include Emotional Freedom Technique, Bioptron Light Therapy, QEnergy Spa (energy through water), Spiritual Surgery, Body Electronics, Crystal Healing, Hypertonic Muscle Release, Touch For Health, Colour Healing, Magnet Therapy, Kinesiology, Neural Organization Technique, Organ Regeneration, and more.

Erica West has established the following businesses/services:

Registered TradeMark Logo Energetically Sent ENERGETICALLY SENT
Energetically Sent offers unique energy healing sessions (Subconscious Ascension, Awaken Your Soul, Body Balance, Conscious Regeneration, Free Healing) with Divine co-operation from Spirit.  The Energetically Sent service is paramount for those with little time, or whose circumstances prevent them from physically attending a healing session.
Erica West subconscious ascension SUBCONSCIOUS ASCENSION
Subconscious Ascension is a very powerful energy healing treatment, which has the potential to create huge changes in your life, raises your level of consciousness (conscious awareness and energy field vibration), re-files unpleasant memories (without forgetting anything), allows you to attract things into your life more quickly and easily, has a calming effect on the body/mind system, and (best of all) you don’t have to talk about anything.
Esoterica Logo ESOTERICA
EsotErica offers training sessions (E-Courses and Live Workshops). Learn some great hints in the ‘Healing Hints’ workshop, transform negative beliefs into positive beliefs in the ‘Change Your Beliefs’ workshop, learn how your thoughts create your reality in the ‘What You Think… Matters’ workshop, and more.
Erica West is Founder of Dreams To Miracles Foundation (Australia), a not-for-profit organization, registered ACNC Charity, and Deductible Gift Recipient, established to assist those in necessitous circumstances. 

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Disclaimer: All products/services mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All research information is provided for educational purposes only, as a courtesy to our customers, and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a qualified health care professional.